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We Fund a lot of organizations which work towards the upliftment of the underprivileged in India. If you think your organization is working towards the same cause and needs help, CONTACT US.

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Now since the day the U & N Foundation has emerged, lot of institutions and organizations have been identified and recognized on the basis of their excellent track record in the field of Health and Education. With their co-operation and support the activities of the Foundation are witnessing and expending in a meaning full way to fulfill the vision and the mission of the Foundation. Factually, in a very short span of time the working field started growing unexpectedly.

Nothing splendid has been ever achieved except those who dared to believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstances.

- H. W. Longfellow

It is needless to say, besides all this, ideologically U & N Foundation is formed with a unique belief and faith. The core ideology remains the solid Foundation to Trust the human soul, therefore the entire concept and the ideology of the Foundation not only hinges but also revolves around a hub petrifying vividly that ‘Philanthropy Rest in our Soul’. This sole belief is the reckoning force to establish the U & N Foundation to serve all the underprivileged, needy, poor, socially/economically in the field of Health and Education, irrespective of caste, creed, color, blood, religion, region and faith etc. which do exists in a society as a whole. Over all our attitude is the anchor of our soul, the stimulus to our action and incentives to your achievement. That’s why, our motto is true, which signify that "WE INSPIRE YOU PERSPIRE" is as fit as fiddles.

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